Formed in 1929 by Pipe Major John Robertson, the Edmonton Boys' Pipe Band is the oldest pipe band in the City of Edmonton. It has operated continuously under the sponsorship of the Edmonton Boys' Pipe Band Association, a non-profit organization.  In November 2012, the members of the association agreed to change the performance name of the band to the Edmonton Youth Pipe Band.

The motto of the band is Cock O’ the North. Musically, this is a 6/8 march for the Highland Bagpipes and named in honour of the 4th Duke of Gordon, Alexander Gordon. 

He was known as Cock o'the North or in Gaelic, Coileach an taobh tuath (pronounced ‘kull-ach an too-eve too ah’) due to his military strength and ability to raise armies and troops. In the 1700s when Mary of Guise reigned as regent, she visited the Gordon Clan Chief Alexander Gordon. She was shocked at how much wealth and power he and the Clan had and commented "I think this Cock of the North should have his wings clipped."

This then became the nickname of the Clan Chief and subsequent chiefs have also kept this name. He is attributed as being responsible for raising many military units including the Gordon Highlanders and the Old Fencibles. He had an established military force unequaled in Scotland. He was a powerful landowner and Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland.